Tennis is a life time sport played all over the world. People of all age play tennis; children, teenager, parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Tennis is one of the oldest sports. The rules of tennis did not essentially change since 1877, the year of the first Wimbledon Championship. In Europe tennis is even documented back to the 1100s.

Tennis is both, an individual sport and a team sport. You can play singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Generally, it only takes one other person to play or you work on your serve on a court or practice groundstrokes and volleys against a wall.

Tennis players come in all sizes and shapes; while many of the great tennis players are very good athletes a good tennis player not necessarily is tall and strong or muscular. Moreover, tennis is a low-impact and non-contact sport.


Since a few years, a new trend sport has been spreading in South Europe: Padel. Originally from South America, this racket sport already rankes in second place on the popularity scale in Spain. In Portugal and France the group of enthusiastic padel players is growing steadily and also in Germany and Northern Europe there are continuously growing adepts.

Probably, this sport is so popular because it is very easy to learn, the game is varied and communicative. Padel is always played by four, has no age limit and also leaves plenty of room for individuality.


You don´t need to make a reservation to play tennis or padel. Just arrive within our opening hours. If you are looking for a playing partner join the SPARKS player´s facebook group.


To mark a free trial lesson give us a call or write us a message. We have lessons in group or individual, for beginners, experienced players and competition as well as high competition players. Just get in contact with us for further information.

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