We create sparks 4 you

Welcoming and spaciously, our SPARKS Tennis & Padel Park is situated in the midst of nature only 10 km away from Setúbal and 45 km from the international airport (LIS).

It comprises four tennis courts (Greenset Grand Prix) and one mini-court, one padel court (plus two courts under construction), locker rooms/ showers, a club house plus roof top and terraces, an outdoor swimming pool and further facilities underlining the resort character of the Park which will be complemented in the end of June by a minigolf course.

Our SPARKS is meant to be a recreational spot for sports(wo)men and nature lovers and their families. Due to its lovely location and existing facilities people are attracted to play and stay. Moreover, there is no comparable location in the vicinity. At the same time this place not only fulfills the demands of recreational tennis players but also of competitive and Pros.